“I cannot believe I ever trained horses without this machine.”

Will Simpson

Olympic Gold Medalist – Show Jumping

What is PEMF?

A PEMF device creates a pulsing electromagnetic field which restores health of horses at a cellular level by stimulating… READ MORE

PEMF for horses

PEMF Therapy is fast becoming the norm for equine performance enhancement, health maintenance & healing… READ MORE

Our PEMF systems

Pulse Centers offer the most affordable, portable and powerful PEMF system on the market for equine and personal use… READ MORE

PEMF Therapy just got a whole lot more
Affordable, Portable and Powerful!

Why would you buy 15 year old technology when you can have the newest and the best system for LESS?

In this little yellow box is a pulsed electromagnetic system that has more than 2x the POWER, in half the size and weight of competitive systems for about half the PRICE!

“The EQX is amazing and it has helped my horses with their neck and back muscles along with any other areas of inflammation. They feel more supple and start off much looser. It has also helped make my back more comfortable.

I really do LOVE this machine!”

Margie Engle
American Show Jumping Equestrian

Winner of 200+ Grand Prixs, competed in 2 Pan Am Games and 2 World Equestrian Gamesand has 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Individual Bronze Medal between all of the Championships

Skip the drugs & get real results with the leading PEMF therapy systems from Pulse Centers

With Pulse Centers you can offer a DRUG-FREE option to improve performance, relieve soreness & accelerate healing

PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” Therapy. A PEMF device creates a gently pulsing electromagnetic field which restores health of horses at a cellular level by stimulating cell metabolism. Pulse Centers is proud to offer the most advanced PEMF systems which allows you to treat the horse’s legs & body… at the same time!

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“I can’t believe I ever trained horses without this machine. The difference with the EQ-X PEMF System is like night and day!”

Will Simpson
Olympic Gold Medalist

You haven’t tried EVERYTHING until you have tried the Pulse EQ-X

What can drug-free PEMF Therapy do for your horse?

Improve Performance

Increase speed, strength, stamina, suppleness, and range of motion.

Relieve & Heal Deep Muscle Soreness

PEMF penetrates deeper than laser or massage therapy.

Reduce Inflammation & Relieve Pain

Reduce soreness, stiffness & swelling from competition or injury.

Boost Cellular Metabolism

Regular PEMF treatments enhance a body’s ability to heal itself and respond to imbalances before they become illness or injury.

Detect Areas of Soreness

PEMF can help detect where your horse is sore while simultaneously providing noticeable relief – horses love it!

Improve Overall Comfort & Wellbeing

PEMF works on a variety of conditions involving soft tissue, bone, hooves, illness, age-related issues and more!

Heal Faster & Reduce Recovery Time

After competition, bring your horses back to fitness up to 70% faster and accelerate healing time on wounds, soft tissue injuries, fractures and illness by 30-50%.

Drug-Free Treatment Options

PEMF therapy can be done right at the show, before and/or after athletic events as well as regular, preventative therapy at home.

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